Home trips approved

My main news today is the drug company has approved fare assistance for me to stay in Yungaburra for a couple of months and commute to Brisbane for my Wednesday treatments. It has taken my medical team about 3 months of “jumping through hoops” to satisfy the sponsor and ethics committee etc. I’m very very grateful! John and I are looking forward to going home, and I’m glad we can make some plans at last instead of always answering “I don’t know” whenever we’re asked about the future.

It was another uneventful treatment with the trial drug today. On a day with no chemo it takes about an hour and a half, including a ride in the deluxe robotic massage chair while waiting for my turn in the onc ward. The actual IV drip is only for about 30 minutes, but there are also saline flushes etc.

There truly are no side effects or symptoms of this treatment. Other patients and the docs confirm that this is how it is for everyone, so there’s absolutely no indication of who is on placebo.

What else is new? I’ve started drawing on eyebrows now, as mine are minimal. It is such a bore having to do it, but I’m told my facial expressions can be taken much more seriously with eyebrows 🙂

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