Chemo continues

Sometimes I realise with a start that something is seriously wrong – not only am I not immersed in card promotion and sales, but I’m not even giving Ali Art cards a single thought. This is very strange for me! As you know, I love to help people get organised to send beautiful cards at Christmas. This is the first festive season I’ve let slip by in the 20 years or so we’ve been in business. It is just too hard to do our usual thing away from our card stocks and home base. It’s ok. Obviously I’m just focusing on my treatment and recovery for now, but it feels very odd.

On Wednesday I had my short IV session with the trial drug only, no blood tests and no wondering … quite a pleasant change from all the questionmarks over white blood cells on the previous 4 Wednesdays. Of course, my immunity will be suffering after the poisoning, but we don’t need to know to what extent for another couple of weeks till I’m due for the next dose.

I’ve coped well with the chemo, and learned a little more about ways to deal with the tummy upsets (constipation, diarrhoea and everything in between). At least still I have had no dip in my energy levels. My Mum was here for the week and we had some fun at art exhibitions and visiting family and friends together. Now she’s gone home but Helen has arrived, so there is lots more fun on the agenda.

Also, I’ve made my first trades with Brisbane LETS, started a worm farm here at Andrew & Anne’s place, and I’ve bought a soprano saxophone and I’m learning to play it – a challenge for me as well as probably for our friends and neighbours!

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