Another delay

Just a note to tell you I’m having another week’s delay to my chemo.

My neutrophil count (white blood cell) has crept up a little from last week but not high enough to go ahead with another poisoning.

I was very surprised and actually thought the nurse was kidding me at first!l-gsmtvshwejbktxjw

This week I have felt really healthy, and even climbed Mt Coolum on Sunday, cheering and wondering how many chemo patients are so fortunate!

Why the slow neutrophil recovery then? The specialist said it’s probably because I had chemo last year and my bone marrow copped a battering.

My neutrophil level is not dangerously low, just not ready for another onslaught of cytotoxins.

They don’t give blood transfusions for this. I’ve seen other patients having transfusions, but that’s for anaemia (low iron) – not me.

There’s nothing I can do about it but wait. I asked this question in 3 different ways and got the same answer. It’s not that I’m climbing too many mountains, or not doing enough folkdancing or something …

Patience is what’s required, so I’m working on that.

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