Good Response and a Delay

All smiles at my appointment with the specialists yesterday when they told me the results of last week’s CT scan. They tumours have shrunk by 52% which they say is a fantastic response to only 2 chemo cycles (plus 6 doses of Farletuzumab or placebo). I’ve noticed the lymph swellings have gone down too.

However, my treatment has been delayed by 1 week. I had only the trial drug yesterday. My neutrophyl count (component of white blood cells) was just below the safe level required to go ahead with my next session of chemo. I think this means my bone marrow is still adjusting to the current need for greater neutrophyl production.

l-eejpwtycntkpsmutChemotherapy destroys cancer and all other rapidly growing cells, so the plummeting white blood cell count indicates effective treatment. However, it is important that I recover a certain level of white blood cells each time so I don’t become dangerously vulnerable to infection.

This last week I have had a cough, although I didn’t feel unwell. The previous week John was laid low with a rotten cold and chest infection, so I think I did pretty well to only pick up a bit of a cough. He is quite better now and I’m fine too.

So the delay means I can enjoy a good week (without nausea) which is nice since I’m really loving having Helen to visit us in Brisbane for the week!

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