2nd Chemo cycle

I was in Daycare for 9 ½ hours yesterday – They call the ward ‘Oncology Daycare’. It was my second round of chemo plus dose 4 of the trial drug. My doctor said she also added an additional anti-nausea medication (to the 3+ others) after hearing my queasy report of last time. Hopefully this will help. So far I’m feeling good.

At Daycare they now offer some fabulous activities and I tried Art Therapy at a huge, beautiful table in the ‘conference room’. We had the space to ourselves, safe for tears and exploration. Eventually the lovely therapist had to go, and I stayed on painting alone till I dropped.

Perhaps you can picture me with the toxic drip in my left wrist, and my right hand free to play with the colours. Paint puddles must be kept flat, but I know how to get a distant view. Instead of standing back for a better look, you have to climb onto the table and look down at the picture flat on the floor. You can scroll down to see my painting and read more about the process (posted in a previous entry a few mins ago).

Finally, back in the ward I had a deep sleep and felt good. Afterwards, John and I walked along the river and climbed the steep cliff steps at Kangaroo Point (forwards today, not backwards).

HOME TODAY! Yes, we flew home to Yungaburra after nearly 3 months away !! It is lovely to be here for a few days in this wet wet paradise. Please look out for me at the festival this weekend.


Thanks everyone for your lovely messages and the encouragement and compliments!

Thanks for the chuckle, Lenore.

I love the crows nest story Jane. Hey, I took your Song to the Surgeons to the hospital with me and talked about it with the Art Therapist who says the Music Therapist (coming soon) will be bringing some sort of set-up to facilitate patients composing our own music. Isn’t this brilliant! I was wondering what music therapy could possibly involve. A sing-along, with “If you’re happy and you know it …” and the “Hair” musical theme song, or banging on percussion instruments, or what? It is a relief to hear it probably isn’t this, but some real help to express ourselves through music.

Hey, Doug, we’re going to look quite a team, eh? I guess Linsey will also fit in well with this look.

Yep, Tash, I still love my blue wig – look out for me this weekend!

Lyndel, yes I’m here! Maybe I’ll look for some domocracy at the festival and have my dome painted. Can’t wait to see your insect costumes and everything.

Isn’t that a beautiful gift, the mother and daughter shave for a cure, Heather! I’ll take off my hat to them!

Much love to you all, and thanks again for your kind wishes from near and far!! xxx

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