Sydney Visit

Farletuzumab dose 3 today – no problems. Apart from some headaches, I’ve been feeling quite normal all week. John and I have had a wonderful 7 days with more treats than the average chemo patient, I’m sure. We flew to Sydney and stayed with Helen and Mum. Highlights included seeing Mary Poppins, the musical, a reunion at Cronulla Beach with some of my lovely friends from school and uni, and whale watching at Jervis Bay. I heard about a woman who stepped out onto a windy balcony after chemo and her hair literally blew away! Naturally I thought of her as I stood on the deck, looking for dolphins and whales, but as you can see I still have my hair. It’s starting to go now, with stray hairs on my pillow and shirt, but I’m counting down to a dramatic depilation next weekend. Saturday is predicted to be D-day, and I’m making plans with Aladdin the Schnauzer to line up for a number 4 cut when he has his moustache
clipped. I’ll try to get a photo with him because he is very cute!

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