Chemo Day 1 Round 1

It was a big day and went really well. No nasty reaction to the cytotoxins, so that’s a great start. So far I’m feeling terrific – but that’ll be the anti-nausea “pre-meds” working on me. I get a bit hyped up on those party drugs, which can be exhausting for those around me! John patiently photographed my headstands after our long walk in the local park. Will I be able to settle down tonight and sleep without running amok?

It has been nearly 16 months since my last chemo, and in that time there have been exciting new services introduced to the Day Oncology ward – art therapy, tai chi, acupuncture, and I gather music therapy is coming soon!! This is all very entertaining! The patient in the chair next to mine was soon bristling with needles, and along from her someone was having a happy time splashing colours on a canvas. I had a long chat with the art therapist because I’m fascinated, and it is all new to me. I’m invited to join in next time. (Today was too busy with all the start-up procedures). I am quite excited about all of this because it seems to stimulate a different atmosphere in the ward. I’m sure you can picture the alternative – people reading dreadful magazines full of depressing glossy advertisements for HAIR PRODUCTS!

I met a friendly woman who is on the same drug trial as me, so she has a similar medical history. She is on her second cycle, and told me lots about her experience and what I might expect. However, she has been having a really rough time with side effects in the second week of the cycle, feeling ill and very lethargic. And this, she says, is much better than how she fared with chemo last year! I hope to also be even better this time than last year, which will mean feeling pretty good. Your good wishes and kind thoughts help – THANKYOU!!! And we are all hoping it’s the good stuff in my mystery bag of trial drug, not mere placebo. The doctors say there are no side effects or indicators with Farletuzumab, so I really won’t know, but it is a 66% chance that I’m in, and I’m feeling lucky!!

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