I saw the surgeon today and found out a little more information: I will be having chemo, not surgery this time, nor radiation therapy.

The PET scan on Friday showed the cancer is in some small lumps in my lymph nodes – in my leg creases and also in other lymphs in my torso. Some of these aren’t accessible for surgery, so that’s why chemotherapy is recommended instead.

Here are some of my questions and answers.

Where did the cancer come from?

The biopsy showed the cancer cells growing in my lymph are of ovarian cancer type. They must have travelled in lymph fluid from the original tumour.

Why didn’t my last chemotherapy kill all the cancer?

Chemotherapy is good but it doesn’t kill all the cancer cells.

Why didn’t the blood test (CA125) at my check-ups show this cancer growing?

The blood test is only good for detecting cancer in the blood, not in the lymph system. There isn’t a test for that yet.

I realise there are still many more questions unanswered, especially about the chemo: where, when, how long etc? However, this is all I know till I meet with the oncologist…

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