PET Scan

26th August – my Dad’s birthday. Dad was a top nuclear physicist. Thankyou Dad and colleagues for doing the groundwork leading to my PET scan today!

At the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital they injected me with radioactive glucose (fluorine 18) then I had to rest for an hour without moving or even thinking (such were the instructions!). Therefore the only parts of my body to draw energy and take in the radioactive tracer should be any rapidly growing cells, eg cancer cells. I think that’s how it works. Then the scanner detects the radiation from these cells and forms pictures of where the cancer is occurring in my body.

No results yet, of course, as technicians only report to doctors, not to patients. I will see the specialist on Monday and find out what they discovered and what to do about it.

For 6 hours after the scan I was cautioned to keep a distance of minimum 1m from everyone because I was actually radioactive! What an appropriate way to celebrate Dad’s birthday!

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