Conscious Fashion Choices

Every season vast resources and energy are wasted when fashion dictates a change of wardrobe.

How does it feel to know that powerful business people control our fashion choices? Think of an out-moded style that you once admired but now it seems hideous or ridiculous! We might think we have personal taste but actually we are often manipulated by advertising psychology.
We can change our attitudes.

For the sake of the environment, think of the 3 Rs:

  • RESIST brainwashing by the media and advertisers
  • REAPPEAR in our favourite gear
  • RECYCLE – op’ shop & swap

Avoiding Sweatshop clothing
Sweatshops are places where people work very hard for very low pay. We can support ethical products and tell shop owners: I want to buy clothes made under fair working conditions.
We can think critically about the clothes we wear, where they are produced and under what conditions.
There are ways to take action as a consumer to become aware of the issues and actively let companies know that they need to take more steps to ensure that workers are not being exploited. This method has proven to be the most effective tool for stopping the abuse of apparel workers. By putting coordinated worldwide pressure on companies, they will eventually get the message that consumers do not want their goods produced in sweatshops.
Sweatshop Free Clothing: Behind the Label

In Australia – The gross exploitation of workers in the  clothing industry is just as much of an issue at home as abroad.
Support the work of Ethical Clothing Australia by:

For Australian products look up the Accredited brands
Another Australian campaign: FairWear Australia

Change-room Calling Card – This business card-sized calling card is a discreet way to help inform retailers and brands that there is growing consumer desire for ethical local products. Download or order printed copies of the calling card form the Ethical Clothing Australia office,then

  • post one to the brand
  • leave one in the change room
  • hand one over at the cash register

Show that you want to support ethical local products.

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