Peak Fish

2FISHNew research on fishing and catch rates has shown we may have reached Peak Fish. We have removed 90% skull & crossbonesof the larger predator fish from the oceans, according to results presented at the AAAS meeting in February 2011. Future fish populations will be dominated by small fish. This affects economies and diets worldwide.
It has even caused an increased prevalence of pirates in the vicinity of certain countries whose fishing industry has collapsed.
More information on the ABC Science Show

fishbonesOVERFISHING is catching too many fish (or prawns etc.) so these animals cannot sustain their population. The fish get fewer and fewer, until finally there are none to catch.
Overfishing is a threat to marine biodiversity, and it is changing evolution.

If you eat seafood, make sure you know what you eat and try to pick the ones with the lowest impact.

Download Seafood Mini-guideLists of vulnerable species are available online.
Greenpeace’s seafood redlist
AMCS seafood shopping guide

Download your free mini-guide here

Guide to Good Fish Guides – for some tips.
Seafood Choices Alliance links to recommendation guides and wallet cards
WWF Sustainable Seafood Consumer Guides

A good choice of fish to buy might be Threadfin Tuna

for reasons that include:

  • good populations available
  • fast-growing species
  • they breed early
  • under fishing pressure they spawn even earlier
  • they’re netted away from dugong areas

fishAnother species that is sustainably fished is Spanish Mackerel (I think)

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