GOOD NEWS at 12-month Check

I passed the test yesterday (the blood test) – Phew!

I’ve been to Brisbane for my check-up at the Mater hospital, roughly 12 months since finishing chemo and about 19 months since diagnosis. My CA125 is still nice and low at 10.

I saw both the oncologist and the surgeon for a total review of my health and there are no worries.

I am really happy with both of those specialists because they are particularly communicative and helpful. They explained that the CA125 tends to fluctuate, so any small variations in the level are not significant. Even if the level were to rise above 35 (under 35 is ‘normal’) there can be other reasons for it apart from cancer recurrence, but of course they would investigate. When checking for recurrence they also take into account other signs. To assess these they asked me 3 questions and fortunately, I had the right answers because I am really full of energy and have no pain or lumps.

I also had a new blood test this time, HE4, and the result was in the normal range, which is good, although it doesn’t mean much because we don’t have a baseline value for my HE4 from before treatment, so we probably won’t bother with this test in future.

Ovarian cancer research has continued apace and there are a number of promising new treatments on the horizon, mainly based on blocking angiogenesis. I am cheered by this knowledge too.

I will continue to have checks every 3 months, seeing my GP and the Mater specialists alternately.

Thanks everyone for cheering me on and helping me celebrate!!!!!!! 🙂

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