12 months Celebration

Today it is 12 months since my last surgery – arggh! I’m not sure I need a reminder of this, but I do want to recall that incredible feeling of gratitude and relief about having my innards realigned in such a useful way! I am feeling so healthy that it is difficult to remember and believe everything that happened last year! This is cause for celebration!

I have my 12 month check-up next week, involving a blood test and visit to the specialists in Brisbane. I will update here with the results after 14th July.

This blog seems to be the right place for health & sickness stories and I don’t have much to say on that topic these days.
…………my new blog..
Please visit the alisphere !
I hope you’ll enjoy my first alisphere post – something practical from our kitchen!

NOTE: If this post seems confusing, it is what I wrote on my Caring Bridge blog when I first started another blog here and called it the alisphere. Later I migrated all the old posts from CB to the alisphere.

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