9-month Check-up

Hey, I’m happy to say a late blog means I’m having TOO MUCH FUN to get ‘round to posting! However, I must tell you I’ve recently passed my blood test for 9 months since finishing chemo. It’s good news with my cancer marker at 9, which is still an excellent low result. (Remember CA125 under 37 is normal.)

Actually I went a week early for this check-up with the local GP because of travel plans. I have come to Sydney for a fortnight to catch up with the kids. Helen has started Uni here and Evan is passing through Sydney on his travels. Of course I love any excuse to spend time with my dear Mum as well.

At home John and I have launched into some serious sorting and discarding, with strategies that involve Lifeline donations, LETS, Freecycle, classifieds and even a garage sale. It’s not so much downsizing as attempting to get realistic and break lifelong hoarding habits. It is a great feeling, as if something sensible is dawning on me after 50 years of accumulation. I think my hoarding is about indecision, fear of regret, and no doubt also my family history of thrift and economy. There’s also an artistic element – junk can be recycled in so many creative ways! And collecting stuff is part of nest-building, but now John and I are experiencing the empty nest. At the moment I’m collecting hints and pep-talks that help me to let go. The rewards are some shelf-space, and feelings of freedom and clarity!

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