Yasi Report

Thankyou to everyone for your good wishes during Cyclone Yasi! We are fine and we didn’t have any damage to the house and not too bad in the garden either. We keep comparing with Cyclone Larry which was so much worse here. Of course we were pretty scared beforehand with all the dire warnings, so we worked very hard battening down. Every time there is a cyclone threat we put up reinforced steel mesh screens across our big windows. John made them because our huge loungeroom windows are so exposed to the weather. The screens are meant to stop flying objects from crashing into the windows, but presumably they wouldn’t stop the windows breaking if the wind was strong enough. When we realised it was a category 5 cyclone heading our way, we packed away everything possible in the garden. John even dismantled the letterbox and stowed it in the shed! It was exhausting. We also packed valuables in plastic boxes, taped the windows, had tarps handy and were ready to shelter under our big bed if necessary. Suzy the cockatoo spent the night inside the house with us.
The power went off in the evening and we went to bed early hoping for some sleep before the storm hit. However, it actually wasn’t very noisy and we managed to sleep through most of the night except for periods listening to the radio for reports. Certainly it was a wild storm, but not the terrifying thing experienced on the coast where the eye passed over. Some water came in our bedroom window, the lawn is littered with leaves and branches but only a couple of our trees fell. The power was off for nearly 2 days, and no mobile signal for 3 days, but we still had the landline and town water ok.
Clearing the debris from the garden and tidying up made lots more work afterwards. Ours is the biggest curbside pile of branches in the neighbourhood again, but that’s because we have the most big trees I think. It is amazing how much stuff one can move in urgency with cyclone warnings blaring, then afterwards it takes much longer to put things back to normal!
Best wishes to those who suffered loss during this catastrophic event. Not us this time, but some folk really copped it and my heart goes out to them.

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