Happy Summer Days

It has been really lovely being together with my wonderful family for a carefree summer holiday, all the time marveling at the contrast from the stresses of 12 months’ ago!

scartattoosThis is a crazy picture, I know, but here you can see how I decorate my scars.

Such extraordinary weather this summer which multiplies my grateful list:

– grateful my loved ones were safe during the floods

– glad it wasn’t this January that I was in hospital in Brisbane

– feeling fortunate to live on a hill away from floods

The Woodford Folk Festival was fantastic and I had great fun. OK, it was really wet and very muddy, but at least it wasn’t hot this time. Our tents were dry and cosy inside, so it was just the squelchy stinking mud around the campsite that was uncomfortable.

We only returned home a few days’ ago because we waited till the highways reopened and the floods settled down before making the long drive north. We ended up at Mum’s place in Sydney for some of the time.

I’m really fit and well and feeling like I can do anything, eg Balkan dancing at the festival, paddling a kayak across the bay at Mum’s, hiking 7km up Mt Cordeaux.!! 🙂

By the way, did you see the ABC TV show “Making Australia Happy” in November 2010? On our trip when I was a backseat passenger I enjoyed watching it on the laptop.

They claim “happiness can actually be cultivated… across a population 50% of happiness can be explained by genetics, 10% is down to life circumstances, eg material possessions, which leaves 40% of a person’s happiness down to the choices we make.”

The ABC show illustrates this by working with 8 not-so-happy Sydneysiders to improve their feeling of well-being in ways that we can all try. I love it!

Somehow I had previously downloaded videos of this 3-part show but now they seem to be no longer available online. You can visit the ABC web site about the program here or maybe ask me to watch my vodcasts.

Now back home and back to work and home routines and see what this new year will bring. Happy New Year to all!

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