2011 – summary

Looking back to 2011 I think I was happy to believe I had recovered from cancer forever. I received congratulations for my fast healing, and people said how well I looked. I was ready to lap up the compliments and imagine I was the exception to the rule. Discovering a little lump in my groin was a terrible shock (August 2011) !

Not knowing how fast this metastasis might grow, I rushed back into more strong chemotherapy. However, I had an opportunity to join a clinical trial and combine the toxic drugs with an immune therapy which would continue as a maintenance treatment after chemo had finished.

Key dates are as follows:

JAN 2011 – Read my posts from 2011 starting here and working in reverse order (blog style).
AUG 2011 – recurrence, small tumours in abdominal lymph nodes
OCT 2011 to FEB 2012 – chemotherapy (paclitaxel, carboplatin), plus farletuzumab (clinical trial)
OCT 2011 to JAN 2013 – MoRAb clinical trial with farletuzumab (monoclonal antibody) intravenous weekly medium dose

In case you need a different format (but not recommended) –
My original posts from blogging in 2011 are here in a pdf file extracted from Caring Bridge. Remember to read from the bottom up.
Here are guestbook comments from Caring Bridge in 2011
In the pdf I’m sorry there are some cross-referencing links that don’t work after transfer from the original site (Caring Bridge). Also there may be mention of photos that aren’t there. I RECOMMEND STAYING IN THE ALISPHERE AND READING THE POSTS WHICH MOSTLY HAVE BETTER PICTURES AND FORMATTING.

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