Year-end thoughts & festival videos

Washing and putting away my wigs, turbans & scarves yesterday has made me a little reflective – especially also because Christmas is coming and I’m remembering the dramas of nearly 1 year ago.

My family and I are making plans for the Summer holidays going to SE Qld and the Woodford Folk Festival again, and it is so good to report I’m feeling better than ever!

These YouTube videos (links below) will give you an idea of some of the fun I’ve been having recently – at the Yungaburra Folk Festival in October playing sax in the Whirled Dance Band

and also in the kids’ parade

If you catch a glimpse of me in the parade (dressed in grey & pink) don’t ask what is the costume. Someone put it over my head just as we started and I still haven’t identified what critter I represent.

And here (above) is a photo from Helen’s Val(edectory dinner) when she finished High School in November. You can see that (I have hair and) Helen has a gorgeous dress that is one-of-a-kind. Sewing The Dress blew out to a much bigger job than I anticipated, mainly because of my inexperience. What I mean is I was probably crazy to attempt it! However, it was a great sense of achievement when the vision became reality.

I’ll write again soon with news from my 6-month check-up in a couple of weeks’ time. xxx

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