3-month Check-up

CA125 < 5 : Dr says “amazing recovery” !

I’ve just got home after my 3-month check-up with the doc in Atherton and it is fantastic news! I know I’m feeling great, but it is so good to have that blood test result. Remember CA125 (tumour marker) under 35 is normal, so mine is now LOW. For some people it is not a really accurate test, but the specialists said it appears to be a very good indicator for me because I’m one of the lucky ones whose CA125 has showed a dramatic response.

You are not the first to hear this news. I’ve had to tell a bunch of people in Atherton why I was skipping down the main street laughing and crying.

I’ve been thinking this cancer experience was shorter than a pregnancy since it was about 7 months of medical stuff.

OK – I’m off to celebrate … 🙂

PS Just a note about my shop window display (see last entry here) – the Hilton vetoed my sculpture saying it doesn’t fit with their ‘classy’ image. They didn’t like the ‘grunge look’, so I had to take it away. However, my cards, prints on canvas and other things are there. I still haven’t been back down to Cairns to take some decent photos of it all.

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