Shop Window Display

If you’re in Cairns in the next 6 weeks take a look at my display in a shop window under the Hilton Hotel (on the Esplanade). It is opposite the entry to the Casino. This is part of a project called ‘When the Boats Come In’, aiming to beautify Cairns for visitors arriving on cruise ships. By giving artists this opportunity to promote their art, Council hopes the vacant shops will look more interesting and less daggy. I put up a display of cards and my prints on canvas, as well as other things including my ‘Overfishin’ & Overfashion’ (legs) sculpture and even the head from my old cassowary costume.hiltonwindowpanorama

I’m feeling really healthy and happy. My first 3-monthly check-up with the doctor is next week so here’s hoping no nasty surprises. Now the weather is too hot for wigs and I’m going about without scarves and turbans too. My hair is growing and standing on end.

I suspect I’m starting to look like Bart!



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