Doing normal things (in a beanie)

Well, for once this entry won’t be talking about the H-word (hospital) – but no doubt there will be plenty about the other H-word (hair) as usual!

It has been lovely to be home and just doing normal things without any medical business at all! I’ve been practising my digestive processes and getting pretty good at it too. My fitness is improving and I’m regaining stamina. I have enjoyed getting back to work (ie selling some cards) and I’m preparing an artwork for a local exhibition next month. There have been so many different activities to involve me that the days are flying past, hence the big gap since my last report. All this means is that I’m doing ordinary things and not spending all my time in front of the computer. 🙂

I think I sound obsessed with my hair (or lack of) but this is because it has provided such stranaebmarjphotoshop2ge sensations. I am surprised at myself that I haven’t found it at all upsetting, but just entertaining. I’m sure this would have been a different story if I didn’t totally believe my hair would come back. About 4 weeks after my last chemo my scalp showed a darker thicker understorey beginning to appear under the canopy of pale thin alien fluff. It looked very odd so about 10 days’ ago I took the clippers and gave myself a number 1 cut. It seemed a good idea at the time! Now my hair is 4mm long (Helen just measured it) so that isn’t much, eh? But at least now we are measuring and not merely counting the hairs. In terms of hairiness I may still look like Homer but in my dreams I am Marj!

These are the secrets under my hat. It is perfect weather for beanies and wigs, and much too wintery to show my head.

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