Plumbing Repaired

Everything is going really well. My op was at 9:45am yesterday, then I was out of the recovery ward at about 1:30pm feeling cross-eyed but very very happy!

I can’t even feel the little cut where the port came out, and the other wound is only sore if I use my abdominal muscles, which I’m rapidly relearning not to do. I can stand and walk around, but I seem to be napping frequently, presumably as the anaesthetic is still wearing off. No food yet – only clear fluids to drink and I’m on a drip.

The surgeon told me they cut off a 4mm ‘nodule’ from my intestine and we are waiting for a report from Pathology as to what this is. What a worry, although my Ca125 (cancer marker in the blood test) is still nice and low in the ‘normal’ range.

Today I hope to talk with the physiotherapist about an exercise plan for the next little while, and we are all waiting for some sign of life from my reconnected bit of bowel.

It looks like a beautiful day outside. Thankyou for your thoughts and love – I’m receiving loud and clear! xxx

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