Stoma Care – no more gaps and duct tape

It is so beautiful and cool in Yungaburra, soft and green. Many people are complaining about it raining every day, but not me. I’m so happy to be here at all!

On the other hand I’ve done my share of whinging this week as my stoma continues to play up. Someone joked that maybe that’s the doctors’ strategy, “Aha – let’s put a hole in her tummy and she’ll be so busy figuring that out that she’ll never notice the chemotherapy.”

I’ve been struggling with the prolapse, puddling around with honey and trying a handy stomacare product which is something like ‘No More Gaps’. Apart from being sore and weird, the prolapse also is leading to more leakage which means acid burns and loss of sleep. At my most desperate I’ve even cut back on food (smaller input = less output = easier to manage). Those who know my legendary appetite will realise this is serious!

I’m looking forward to seeing the Gynae-Onc specialist for advice in Brisbane on Thursday although I’m not confident there’s much can be done for me since a fix-up op is out of the question till chemo is over and I’m able to heal and fight infection again.

I’ve nearly forgotten to mention the fun I’ve had this week and also I’ve actually done a bit of ‘work’ ringing lots of card shops and taking some orders (while being careful not to work my guts out). It’s just that I’m really preoccupied with stoma dramas day and night. I hope next entry I can report some sort of success with this challenge.

Note: I gather 25% of stomas do prolapse and there’s no real prevention – it’s just one of those things. It isn’t an emergency unless the protruding bit of intestine suffers strangulation and starts to turn blue. What then? I wonder does it drop off? (Why does this sound so good?)

I have been saying that when this is all over I will be the one you can hear singing in the toilet, rejoicing to be functioning as nature intended! I vow I will never never take my bowel for granted!

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