Chemo No. 4

Here I am in Brisbane again for Chemo round 4. No delay this time because somehow I managed to grow back enough white blood cells to meet the doctors’ approval. I’m really glad about this. It seems a very good thing to be on schedule and get another session behind me, even though I had in mind some ideas for enjoying a bonus week at home if I have to!

The oncologists at the hospital say they’re very happy with my progress and the way my body is responding to the treatment. My Day 1 with IV chemo was OK yesterday and now I’m plugged in for my IP treatment. My dear friend, Manja, has accompanied me as carer on this trip and I’m really loving having this special time with her.

My 10 days at home were lovely and the best thing was being with John, Evan and Helen and some of my friends. I get disappointed that I can’t catch up with everyone that I hope to, but rest is still a priority and the days fly past. My strength is still improving and at last I can swim (properly) in the lake again and play my saxophone too (not both at the same time) (yet! Ha ha!)

Greetings and love to you my friends and family xxx

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