Popping pills

Janet is shaving her head tomorrow!! THANKYOU again from both of us for all your support and donations! She has been collecting some fantastic decorations and dress-ups, so be sure to check her site for photos: click below
Janet Bishop SHAVE for a CURE

I’ve had 2 more days of chemotherapy here in Brisbane at the Mater Hospital and again it hasn’t been too bad. I can cope with swelling up and feeling bloated overnight but please spare me the nausea! I felt queasy last night but this morning I’m fine again I think. The nurses gave me emergency anti-nausea pills to pop, so I did that, along with the rest of the take-away medication. The other things I think that help me are walking, resting and drinking lots of water so I’m concentrating on these. Then there’s enjoying this special time with Evan and Janet! (John stayed home with Helen this time. She has her last 2 weeks of term with plenty of exams and assignments.)

In the chemo ward I meet patients with all sorts of cancers and different chemo treatments, ALL of them worse off than me! My little 6×3 chemo cycles is looking quite short and I do feel fortunate to be staying so well. I have one more (intraperitoneal) session on Wednesday, then Evan and I fly home on Good Friday.

Love and best wishes to you all, with thanks for your fantastic support xxx

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