Low neutrophils

We knew it is possible but we were told it was unlikely and now it has happened: my chemo has been delayed by 1 week because I failed the blood test on Monday.

My neutrophil count is “dangerously low”, according to the oncology nurse at the Mater when we talked by phone. Neutrophils are the white blood cells I need for fighting infection.

I was all packed for flying to Brisbane today but now I will stay home till next Tuesday. All subsequent cycles will also be 1 week later.

I was surprised! I’ve been feeling so well that John even joked perhaps they didn’t give me enough of the stuff! OK, now we know they did.

I’m still waiting to hear the new level of cancer marker in my blood – very low I hope!

These Brisbane trips take some planning. Evan was to accompany me this time but he has a cold so we spent Sunday thinking of all new arrangements to exclude him because I must avoid infectious people. Booking the air tickets and accommodation involves paperwork for the local hospital as well as the Mater. The Cancer Council didn’t have any volunteers available to collect me from Brisbane airport so once again we were calling on dear friends to help. So delaying the trip involved phoning to cancel all this and more – rather exhausting.

Now it is sorted out I can go back to taking each day as it comes and – well, it feels like a bonus to have another week at home, hopefully feeling well enough to enjoy it!

Whatever will next week bring? Possibly a cyclone …!

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