Feeling more normal

My amazing sister JANET BISHOP is doing the shave for a cure for the Leukemia Foundation. Her shave date is 21st March, so after that you’ll have to look closely to tell us 2 baldies apart!. If you want to make a donation to her fundraising appeal and watch her progress here is a link to her page
Janet Bishop’s SHAVE for a cure
Our heartfelt thanks to those who have already donated!

I’ve had a lovely week and I’m very grateful that I feel almost normal most of the time! I need rests, but in between them I have plenty of energy. The flight home last Friday was no problem and I am really happy to be back at home in this beautiful part of the world with my wonderful family!

Mum flew back to Sydney on Monday after we had great fun with her all weekend. It has been terrific having her to stay.

Although I can’t be sure, I have this idea that maintaining a high fluid intake is a vital factor for my wellbeing and I wonder if I was a little dehydrated on my “off” days in the last cycle.

Evan and I fly south again on Tuesday for my next chemo. When in Brisbane we are happy staying in a flat at Reg Leonard House each time and I think we will stick with this arrangement because it is very reassuring to be right there at the hospital in case of any dramas, not to mention convenient to walk in for chemo. We are self-catering there and it is a great location handy to Southbank and the city.

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