The BALD Facts

In Saturday’s entry I speculated on possible hair-raising scenarios for my final depilation in a public place but it didn’t happen that way. What a close shave! I didn’t even give in to the temptation to tear out my hair in the school principal’s office or the Telstra shop for dramatic effect over some complaint.

One more night tossing on the pillow and by Sunday I had very weird lumps of hair like uneven dreadlocks, especially a big heavy tangle hanging at the back. I managed to tease it up a little and tie it with a scarf for one more day but that night it felt itchy and uncomfortable. What to do? It was a hairy problem so I asked Mum and Helen to help. It was like the blonde leading the blonde. Mum took the scissors and released the lumps. The rest of my hair just fell out except for a little remaining fluff that Helen trimmed (and who knows when that will drop off). It was rather a relief, although shocking when I first looked in the mirror. I warned John not to get a fright if he woke to find Peter Garrett in the bed wearing my nightie!

My birthday celebrations went all weekend as well as Monday. Yes, I really let my hair down!dscn1706

Next problem: toupee or not toupee? That was the curly question. I bought a wig and it is very straight (see photo). Curly wigs are rare, at least in Mareeba. Wearing a wig is like losing your keys in the surf – you have to change your locks. When she saw me looking incredulous, the wigshop expert said “Keep your hair on,” especially when travelling. She said to wear the wig when flying because security will ask me to take off any hat or scarf to check for bombs under there. (A blonde bombshell?) I would have to comply if I don’t want a brush with the law. They can’t ask anyone to remove their hair! So I wore my wig on the plane.

My 2nd Chemo cycle
I’ve had no nausea so far, unlike you poor readers if you’ve read my first section. Yesterday I had the cytotoxin paclitaxel through an intravenous drip in my hand but fortunately there were no nasty side effects (unless you count the problem of keeping me awake writing bad jokes).

Three (new) things to be grateful for:

  1. I can walk up hills now by zig-zagging so my path has a manageable shallow gradient. I know it seems obvious but it didn’t occur to me till my sailor sister suggested “tacking”.
  2. I had fun yesterday in my groovy new “ostomy wear” designed and made by Janet – custom-made bag covers that look gorgeous when I have to lift up my shirt for the doctors and nurses.
  3. The best news that the cancer indicator in my blood test has dropped from a score of 500 (before) to 53 after my first chemo. The doctors say they are very happy we’re on track for the best possible outcome!

As I write I am in Day Care (Oncology) again plugged in for “premeds” intravenously. That’s a concoction of anti-nausea medications to prepare me. Soon they’ll give me the cytotoxin Cisplatin through the intraperitoneal port – my first time. I’ll tell you next time how it goes.

Thankyou for all my birthday wishes and messages!! xxx

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