In Atherton Hospital

This week has not been uneventful as I spent a night and a day in Atherton hospital (what a pain!)

What happened was I had a horrible pain in the upper abdomen on Wednesday afternoon so I went to the Emergency department where they did X-rays and tests. Eventually the verdict was that I probably had an obstruction in the intestines – and then it cleared up about 8:30pm. Hooray! However, I stayed in hospital “for observation” till it was clear that food and drink was no longer stopped by any blockage. The Dr said it is common after surgery for intestines to stick shut. An extra large drink of water I had in the early afternoon probably didn’t help.

I was very comfortable in Atherton hospital in a surgical ward with 4 other women. I slept well in my bed by an open window – yes, completely open with fresh air coming in and also a few earwigs, moths and other bugs (but no mozzies). The night sounds included fruit bats squabbling and curlews lamenting. The staff were terrific and I was impressed with a good experience, though it was quite a contrast to the posh city hospital.

On Monday afternoon I was out walking with Mum and discussing wigs and scarves. Jokingly I tugged on a curl to demonstrate I’m not losing my hair and – shock! – it came right out in my hand. In disbelief I pulled on my blue bit (I wish I hadn’t!) and it also came out. Back at home I could see in the mirror there is a bald spot where the blue hair was.

I haven’t deliberately pulled out any more but plenty of stray hairs are falling. I suspect there is only a small proportion of my hair actually still attached to my scalp now and these are holding up the rest, thanks to tangly curls. As a rule I don’t brush my hair since taking advice from the expert curly-hairdresser 6 months ago. I’m sure if I was brushing I’d have hardly any hair left by now.

My birthday 2010

I imagine one day when the weight of my hair is too much for the few supporting strands it will all fall off. I can picture myself, maybe in a public place like a post office queue, suddenly bald with all my hair in a heap on the floor! The kids are thinking of scenarios where I could try to use this to advantage.

Watch this space!

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