Feeling well

I have had such a good week here in the special care of my wonderful Mum! I feel so fortunate!! I am enjoying feeling really good. A week ago I stopped taking painkillers altogether, having been taking Panadol around the clock right up to last weekend. I only feel a little sore at the end of each day, and a good sleep fixes that. I have a great appetite for 5 or 6 meals per day and I’m still tucking in to high protein high calorie food. I am really trying to regain strength but unfortunately I don’t seem to have put on any weight. I’ll keep working on it. (Pass the butter!) Hills are still beyond my capability but I can walk around quite a bit on the flat and also manage small sessions of mild yoga and exercises for my limbs (avoiding tummy muscles).

The highlight of my week was yesterday with lovely visitors!

Everything is going to plan at this stage for returning to Brisbane on Tuesday to start chemotherapy. I suppose I’m a bit apprehensive about it as I will be disappointed to lose this feeling of wellbeing. On the other hand I am keen to get on with it and complete the recommended treatment. I have no doubt that chemo is the important next step with evidence of a great success rate.

I am also looking forward to seeing Janet in Brisbane and of course being reunited with John and the kids next weekend!

Love and best wishes to you all,

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