More rest – and plans

It has been a lovely week in Sydney and I am much improved. Now I sit up at the table for meals and I am eating larger portions too. My attention span is slowly improving and somehow I feel more normal although in truth my daily agenda is still rest, rest and more rest.

Each morning about a dozen wicked cockatoos wake us with their screeching as they muck around in the tree tops and land on the neighbours’ veranda railing. They are so beautiful and comical that it is impossible to complain! The Royal National Park and Port Hacking are breathtakingly gorgeous in all weathers and from early till late – viewed from Mum’s big windows. I love to watch Evan and Helen paddling surfskis across to the sandbar for a swim.

Yesterday Helen and I went to the movies (and enjoyed “bran nue dae”) which was a successful expedition. While we were out, the others were coping with a sudden storm and a broken window at Mum’s house. Wind and rain blew all through downstairs scrambling everything. They managed to cover the window with a tarp and a glazier came before long to repair it. Cleaning up took the rest of the day including vacuuming 3 or 4 times to remove the splinters of glass spread everywhere.

Now we have a bit of a forward plan and some bookings. John, Evan and Helen are flying back to Cairns on Tuesday 26th in time for school and work next day. I will stay here with Mum till 2nd February when we will both fly to Brisbane for my first chemo session which is on Wednesday 3rd. We will then go up to Yungaburra on Friday 5th.

After the first one, my future chemo cycles involve Day 1 (intra venous), Day 2 (intra peritoneal), Day 8 (ip again) then nearly 2 weeks off. At this stage I’m planning to just keep travelling back and forth from Brisbane every 3 weeks (and I’d better plan for lots of tree-planting when I’m stronger, considering the environmental impact of all those flights!)

Janet has been investigating the research trials for my chemo treatment, especially reviewing the data from 7 countries for the wait time after surgery before commencement of chemo. The optimum gap is a balance between the need to regain health and the need for speed to zap those floating cancer cells. Although the original researchers may not have applied the most up-to-date stats, Janet is convinced that my 5 week gap is near to ideal – so this is very reassuring!

My love and best wishes to everyone and thanks for all your beautiful messages, gifts, cards and everything!! I am looking forward to thanking you individually when I can. xxx Alison

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