Feeling Rested

It seemed to take me 2 days of serious resting to recover from the big day of air travel, but at last yesterday I woke feeling good again (in my weak sort-of way). John has also needed a good rest but Evan and Helen have been enjoying the surfskis, the beach and painting with Grandma in her studio. Today they’ve gone to the city by train. John has installed a hand-held shower for me. Yesterday the others coached me through some very mild exercises, being careful to use only arms and legs, not my torso. The movements were laughably small, including lifting soupcans while the others used Mum’s barbells. (She does weights training). Nevertheless I needed an hour’s sleep afterwards and woke feeling quite wrecked in the belly. Oops! I really thought I wasn’t working those muscles. I am recovering now.

This morning I woke with a mysterious pain in my thigh and I wondered about DVT so we went to the local doctor who was reassuring, especially after I went back for an ultrasound scan of my leg. It is not DVT but probably just associated with the various bruises on my thighs from the numerous injections I was given at the hospital.

I do find it a bit frustrating to have set-backs and not simply feel better and better each day, but this is exactly what I have been told to expect so it is not worrying. It is very beautiful here and for walks we go to Cronulla by car to a section of the cliff-top path that has no hills or steps. I am avoiding steps by staying upstairs in the house. Thanks to a logbook Janet prepared for me I can see the daily improvements in my mobility.

WARNING: I asked a gynae-oncology specialist to tell me the range of symptoms of ovarian cancer and the answer was NONE !! My experience was typical with only a bloated feeling to cause me to consult a doctor. Many other women have no indication and the cancer advances to stage 4 without being detected! So please watch out for this sort of sign and have it checked. It seems easy to diagnose from an ultrasound scan.

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