Holiday in Sydney

Yesterday we flew to Sydney to stay with Mum for a couple of weeks. This is to be the healing, beautiful holiday we’ve all been looking forward to and I am already just lapping up the quiet and comfort, the view and of course Mum’s attention.

The last 3 days I stayed at Reg Leonard House right at the hospital where the others have been nearly the whole time. I felt at home there, reunited with my family at last – the care was wonderful, the food superb, the bed was very comfortable, John bought a chair for the shower and we also hired a wheelchair. The wheelchair was great for whizzing through the dirty streets to get to somewhere pretty for a walk. It was a bit of a squeeze with 4 of us in one small room (with kitchen) and no doubt this is why I didn’t find sufficient time and space for reflection and blogging. Janet was also with us and she has been an incredible support.

Yes, I’m glad you know the rule NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. I suppose that’s what’ll happen one day – I will get a life (Ha Ha) and the blog will fizzle 🙂


It took all morning for last visits and advice from doctor, nurses, physio, occupational therapist, stoma therapist and social worker. I ate my last hospital lunch and then we rolled out with all my flowers, fruit and bits and pieces. Janet took me around the block by car and I climbed the 12 steps to reach our unit.
Amazingly, I still had the energy late in the afternoon for a lovely trip in the wheelchair right along Southbank, including a walk (out of the wheelchair) through the forest on a boardwalk looking at dragons.

Hospital is quite an amazing place when you need it and the medical system worked brilliantly for me in this instance, but it is also a very happy milestone to be out after 3 weeks inside!


We all felt a bit seedy for one reason or another, including me feeling a bit dizzy again, John had a bad cold and Janet had a tooth extracted at the dentist. We rested all morning but in the afternoon Evan and Helen took me to the art gallery, which I loved. It was astonishing to learn on our return that we had been out for 3 hours. That’s a record upright for me.


A quiet morning including a short visit by a friend from way back, then in the afternoon Janet drove us past our old home in Taringa and to the top of Mt Coot-tha for a short walk and an ice-cream. I felt almost normal (in a weak and floppy way).

The family continued to explore the city at times when I was resting. One evening they went on the ferris wheel with cousin Bob, Madison and Mitchell.


What a big day, but nearly everything about the trip to Sydney went better than hoped. I had found out about the airport sick bay and V-lounge for a possible lie down, but we discovered there is also a comfortable sofa in the back corner of a cafe or bar and that was the perfect waiting/resting place. An airport wheelchair was supplied for the long trek to the aircraft. The only stress was being sent for a 5 min walk to the new Sydney drop off & pick up zone which was not the most convenient with a wheelchair. Later we saw a great wheelchair access place that the airport staff had failed to tell us about.

Mum is brandishing a rockmelon that is 16cm in diameter and I am incredulous again that I had a tumour of that size growing on my ovary!

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