Climbing Stairs

It is 3 weeks since my bombshell diagnosis (on a Friday)!

Yesterday the physio introduced me to a staircase (wheeled me there in a wheelchair) and I climbed 5 steps but she wouldn’t let me do more. I think yesterday I received the same lecture from 3 different people (doctor, physio & stomatherapist) that every day will be different, with ups and downs, but it might take 6-8 weeks for me to regain my energy so I must be patient and I must avoid fatigue. Of course, by that time span I’ll be into chemo which will further tax my strength and slow my progress. I guess I needed that pep talk as it is still difficult to believe my limitations. It is a shock to see myself looking like a derro – Ha ha! Nevertheless, each day I am thrilled with little improvements. Yesterday I walked to the kitchen to make a cuppa at 5:30am (a first!) and I also did some very mild yoga on my hands and knees.

In the afternoon and evening I had to cope with backpain and I’m using my homemade heatpack again, but right now that is not a problem so I’m looking out at the view and wondering what today will bring.

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