I’ve had a couple of low days, unfortunately, feeling nauseous and washed out. The doctors have been able to give some more information, including the following.
What I’ve lost: uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, a bit of diaphram, a bit of bowel, and 100% of the cancer.
What I’ve kept: liver, spleen, everything else.
What I’ve gained: an intra-peritoneal (IP) port, which is a plastic plug hole in my midriff for applying chemo drugs later.

At this stage I’m still just trying to get better so they can knock me down again with chemo as soon as possible. I’m still very pleased with myself because I’ve been able to walk laps of the hospital wing, unaided.

John, Evan and Helen have been exploring Brisbane on Janet’s fold-up bike. They are also brilliant company by my bedside, and Janet too. I have received more beautiful flowers, parcels, cards and visits and thank you everyone for your continuing good wishes.

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