Busy hospital life

I had no idea that hospital life would be so busy! I am flat out keeping the nurses occupied. They have a hefty work load regularly checking my tubes and volumes of input/output, reading blood pressure,O2, temperature etc, administering my many many medications. Sometimes it seems they hardly get through the job before it is time to start them all again. The nurse also washes me and brings ice, heat packs and everything. Each day I have a visit from my doctor (surgeon), the physio, the pain team (anaesthetists), stomatherapist and sometimes also the nutritionist, social worker and others. I drop off to sleep often and i’m keeping up my excercises, so there’s the day gone very quickly.

I had a pretty good sleep last night. my monkeybar muscles are the envy of all as I can move position in bed without help, thank goodness. It makes all the difference!

Mum flew home to Sydney yesterday and I miss her. She left a dinosaur egg hatching by my bedside. The egg has cracked open and Isabella the dinosaur has emerged and is swelling and growing.

Evan has been telling me about his time at Woodford; also Helen and Janet about their evening at the fire event. I’m so glad they had the opportunity to go!

Thanks again for everyone’s messages. I’m just not keeping up with any replies but will love to do it when I have more energy and time. Evan and John have been updating my blog lately (thanksxxx).

Also, thanks to all who have emailed, phoned, visited, sent me things, posted on facebook etc. I really appreciate it and want you to know it is all great help with my recovery!

STOP PRESS:: 9:30 am I’ve just been walking with the physio again and achieved a whole lap of this wing of the hospital. I feel fantastic.

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