Up walking

7:45 am 2-1-10 Day 4 after operation, still in Mater Adults Surgical Ward . High Points Yesterday. Before lunch I was freed from a couple of the tubes. I have many tubes remaining that perhaps you wouldn’t notice, but believe me it is excellent to have one less ot the painful drains sticking through my ribs. The other one they took out is the tube running from my stomach up through the back of my throat and out of my nose!! Can you imagine? I am also excited about eating my first meal last night (fish and veg) and even better, keeping it down through the night. Such are the sorts of challenges moment by moment. Low Points Yesterday. When the physio came to help me try to stand up again I still felt very dizzy and became quite faint so this limited my my action and I was disappointed.

The first time I walked (post surgery)
The first time I walked (post surgery)

2:00 pm 2-1-10 Progress today when I walked (slowly and accompanied by the physiotherapist, wardsman and a nurse) out of the ward door, down the corridor and back! Who hoo!! I am still dizzy but improved. I really didn’t know I could do that and feel so pleased with myself. I am also continuing to enjoy proper meals. Today a few more tubes unplugged – the IV fluids and painkillers. Now pain control is with pills. Mostly I am not experiencing pain but the doctor is firm about my continued need for strong analgesics. Anyway I’m excited to say everything is going extremely well. The doctor said something about “all going to plan for day 5 or 6” and after his visit I realised : hang on I’m only starting Day 4, so I’m interpreting this as a report of real advance.

It is quite a contrast to be here in the busy surgical ward with three other woman who also require constant care, compared with my quiet room alone on the 9th floor (gynea-onc). For a start I haven’t got that gorgeous figtree view. I won’t try to describe the view view from my tiny window. I look at my beautiful flowers instead. Even intensive care was very peaceful with individual care, different from here. However, I am in awe of my three lovely room-mates (aged 101, 87 and 25). I have learned from each of them already and we don’t disturb each other at all (I think). I believe I’m succeeding in resting and interacting without always trying to be the life of the party.

Sorry again about the gap in access to my mobile phones since surgery! I really regret it. There was a little misunderstanding or my blog might have told you my phones were switched off in the drawer while I didn’t have the energy/time for them. Now I realise I should have handed the phones to the family for answering, sorry.

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