Alison is OK

Alison is recovering well in the surgical ward at the Mater Adult Hospital (ward 8A bed 825). She has been here for four days. The surgeon visits each day and is happy with her progress. He says everything photo4295is going to plan. There have been a few transient problems related to the cocktail of medications (pain relief, antibiotics, nausea control and so on) administered, but these have been sorted out. She is feeling hungry and has progressed from a liquid to a “soft” diet. She is connected by a network of tubes to various gadgets with flashing lights and beepers but the tubes are gradually being disconnected. There was a major milestone this morning when she was helped out of bed and is now sitting in an armchair.

Alison has her phone turned off – she just turned it on briefly and received some messages (now old). and will now turn it off. She is very busy with a continual stream of care and not able to reply yet. She says thanks very much for the messages and support.

We are not sure about what happens next but should have a better idea early next week when the pathology report is available and she sees the oncologist.

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