Nighttime happenings

The hospital is another world and has its own language. It reminds me of a massive insect colony. There are so many and varied different jobs for specialised teams of workers. I heard the fireworks at midnight (but couldn’t see them), then within 20 minutes I was caught up in my latest challenge. The two big panadol pills I was given seemed to get stuck in my throat due to my nose to stomach tube. It felt dreadful and the pills wouldn’t wash away with any amount of water. At last a nurse gave me some viscous anaesthetic which helped and I settled down to to sleep at about 1:30 AM. Next came a high point – a surprise night time visit from ministering angels, the pressure team who rubbed my back with cream and smoothed my bed clothes to make me comfortable. Oh bliss!


Mum put 2 small dinosaur eggs into water in a glass jar by my bedside and I have been watching them hatch and slowly grow. So have all the medical staff, and they are quite intrigued. Thanks Mum, I love your imagination!

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