Jelly & Robotic Trousers

Mater Adult Hospital Surgical Ward approaching midnight. A low day: won’t dwell on it – just tell you that afterwards every sensation of improvement has been such a contrast and therefore a source of joy and happiness!! I even felt hungry at 11 PM so the kind nurse found a small tub of jelly and micro-serving of icecream and I’m eating just a little of it here in bed now while listening to your Caringbridge guestbook entries on my MP3 player, read aloud by Janet and Helen. This is the most loving and healing collection of affirmations imaginable and I thank you over and over again! I hear your words and imagine we are together and sharing our special personal connection.

Have I told you about my amazing robotic massage trousers? They purr softly while gently compressing my legs all over with a feeling of kindness and comfort to help DVT. What a brilliant invention!!

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