In the Surgical Ward

It’s Thursday now and Alison is very keen to keep the blog going.

She moved from intensive care to the surgical ward yesterday afternoon. She got some sleep last night and is able to have soup and jelly etc by straw. Her bed near the figtree window seems to be still reserved for her once she is recovered enough to leave the surgical ward.

Alison wanted this to say

“Note: I have stage 3 ovarian cancer (out of stage 1-4) but it is very rare to diagnose stages 1 or 2 because there are no symptoms.”

Wednesday 30-12-2009 Alison said

“It’s so exhausting being impressed and amazed by everything going on around me and to me. For example the tubes and apparatus everywhere – connected to me all over the place starting with a long tube coming out of my nose making me feel like an ibis – gizmos and gadgetry probably recently invented for all sorts of purposes.

The joy of the smallest comforts eg ice chips in my mouth, heat pack on my lower back, a bit of salve on my lips …

thankyou very much to my family for continuing on my blog ..”

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