Alison is in Intensive Care

It is the next morning and Alison has spent the night in the Intensive Care Unit after a very successful “debulking” operation. The surgeons announced that they have removed all visible cancer, which was the best possible outcome. They were only hoping to achieve “optimal debulking,” which meant they would remove everything larger than a centimetre.

We saw Alison last night and she asked straight away for someone to update her blog for her. She said that she wanted to dictate a post to us, but she had been “debarked as well as debulked.” (There were tubes down her nose and her throat was sore, and her voice was very weak). She had only been conscious for a little over an hour and she was already cracking jokes.

The doctors were impressed with her recovery and said they were very pleased with what they could accomplish. They had performed 4 major operations in one 5-hour session.

In a couple of days, she will most likely be moving back to the Women’s Health Unit, back to her old room with the fig tree, and then she will be able to make her next post.

Thank you everyone for your messages of support.

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