Pain from 1 to 10

How would you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is very little pain and 10 is the worst possible pain? They keep asking me this question and I find it very difficult to answer. They suggest compare with the pain of childbirth, but when I had my babies I had the relief of hot towels. Hot towels are forbidden in the hospital emergency department in case the patient gets burnt!

OK, imagine what it would feel like to have your leg eaten by a shark. Someone actually said this to me, not realising that in my marine biologist days it was something I thought about often. However, obviously I haven’t experienced shark attack so it doesn’t work as a reference point.

Yesterday I was very preoccupied with managing pain and trying to keep down my meals. I’ve had more drugs in the last couple of days than in all my life and sometimes I’m a little cross-eyed. It was a beautiful rainy day (from my perspective). I was thrilled to see Evan packed up and off to Woodford for a couple of days to the folk festival. He borrowed a tent and travelled there by train and bus. Janet is back here with us which is lovely!

Today is my “bowel prep” before surgery tomorrow and you know what that means don’t you? It is a process of swallowing disgusting drinks and running to the toilet. Oh well … My medical team is on Christmas holidays so there are other doctors and nurses filling in for now. They can’t really answer all our questions but have been giving it a good go.

Today is the day I hope to ask my mum to read to me the guestbook entries. Yesterday she was reading aloud my emails which was lovely. Evan had previously read me names of those who have left messages, so I do feel touched by you although I’ve not had a chance to get into it more.

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