I’m back in hospital after a lovely Christmas day. We opened presents, ate some treats, watched a movie, walked to South Bank for a bit of a swim (all very gentle), I had a bit of a nap, morning and afternoon, and then celebrated with Christmas dinner at tea time.

In the evening I was beset by abdominal pain and nausea which came in waves and began to be quite worrying. Eventually I had a ride in an ambulance to the Mater Hospital emergency section where I had more X-rays, tests and some medicine that helped. From there I was admitted back to Gynae-onc on the 9th floor next to my figtree view (bed M925). The doctors have reassured me that there is no scary reason for the trouble although I’m not really clear what caused it. I’m still adjusting to the painkillers and nausea relief and now I’m wearing groovy white stockings too (for anti-embolism). I’m probably staying here and not going back to the motel with the others for now.

Due to drooping eyelids (catching up after the rugged night), I haven’t looked at the computer today. Thankyou to Helen who is taking this dictation and thankyou, thankyou to my beloved family and friends for the messages of love and support cascading in.

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