Merry Christmas

christmasdayI am out of hospital, staying at Reg Leonard House right in the hospital grounds with my family. We have put our Christmas presents under a gorgeous bucket of flowers and we will have a quiet time here today, glad to be together.

Sorry I haven’t answered the question – where are we staying? – till now. Our plans have been changing all the time. My first night out of hospital was at Highgate Hill in the motel where the others have been staying. Jude found us a house-sit with a friend and we have had other wonderful offers and different bookings, but when a vacancy finally came up at Reg Leonard, it seemed perfect because it is easy walking distance to my hospital room for the week to come. Janet has been able to take time out back at home in Nobby without worrying that we need her to drive us around. We don’t need a car now we are so well positioned. Yesterday Ailsa & Pat kindly ferried us and our stuff from Highgate Hill to here.

I might add, the Qld hospital system is subsidising our accommodation costs and will pay for John’s and my tickets flying home, possibly reimbursing some of our fares to fly down here too. It has been a lean year for card sales (due to the GFC) and our low income qualifies us for assistance.

The mobile signal is dodgy here and there’s no internet, but Guy and Francesca to the rescue! I am overjoyed by their beautiful gifts – an internet thingy (and also a personal meditation lesson). We are still waiting for activation. I suppose it is a bit much to expect the Virgin Mobile company to be on duty today of all days!

So I’m not sure when we can post this entry.

I’m starting to bloat again but it is only a bit of discomfort.

Thankyou again and again for your wonderful wishes and messages! So far I have only had access to make a start on them and I’m looking forward to really wallowing in the guestbook and Facebook and my emails! Please feel hugged and thanked as it could take me a while to achieve personal replies!

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