Thanks for your well wishes!

Update: After shedding 3.1 litres of lymph fluid from my tummy today, my figure seems almost back to normal and I feel much more comfortable.

Hi everyone,

oh WOW!!! Thanks for your messages.

Evan copied a couple of pages of them and brought them to me in a doc file at tea time and now I’m reading them after the party (lovely visit from Michael, Gianna, Bob, Mum, Janet, John, Evan, Helen).

Thankyou thankyou. I’m receiving you and it is helping!!

Today I met the hospital chaplain who had a couple of really helpful hints, but let me tell you about something she said that was so wrong: – “Isn’t it sad that it takes a crisis like this to bring out people’s love and caring…” Well, not so for me. I always feel cherished! Right now I’m lapping it up. 🙂

YES PLEASE Maria, send jokes. Doctor jokes & any jokes.

Laughing will be something I’ll be concentrating on over Christmas, especially after the strain of trying to keep a straight face for most of today. There were so many funny moments that resulted in a jab in the guts for me (because I was attached to the fluid-draining needle).

Listen to this one: My family told me they moved into their local accommodation and within minutes the landlord had to come up to their room and ask Evan to remove his shorts.

… What?

Then they explained to me that Evan had been doing his laundry and had hung his shorts on the balcony to dry. (It’s a no-no at this city-view establishment.)

Helen W – yes on my first night in hospital I woke in the night with the brainwave about Caring Bridge. I just mentioned it to Evan and voila! So thanks to you for introducing me to CB regarding Cate a couple of years’ ago!

Cousin Sue – yes the nurses here are gorgeous and naturally I think of you the whole time! I am receiving the most wonderful care and I’ve concluded that hospitals have vastly improved since last time I looked. Some of the advances include:

  • the beautiful picture windows and harmonious décor
  • relaxed visiting hours
  • extraordinary case manager demonstrating brilliant team leadership
  • fresh fruit and veg on the menu (hooray!)
  • art on the walls (though the pic in my room happens to be very dull compared with certain paintings I know and love)
  • attractive nurses uniforms/outfits with entertaining lanyards & badges etc.
  • the nurses say complimentary things about the doctors

I’m also impressed by the doctors’ patience and attention devoted to explaining absolutely everything and answering questions. They clearly get it about minimizing fear of the unknown and foreseeing possible freak-out factors that can be eliminated. This is what our doctors give us in Atherton and Yungaburra too, so I’m glad the city docs follow suit.

Gynae onc(ology) is specialised and a bit rare so the private patients are in with us publics. I gather all they get for their years and years of hefty insurance premiums is … wait for it … TOAST! This morning the toast trolley came in to offer me a piece saying there was some left over from the privates if I was interested. (The rest of the time only bread has been offered to me.)

Well I was born in a hospital, but have hardly been back except when one of my homebirths was transferred. I’ve never had a general anaesthetic or epidural before, nor any operation or serious illness that I can remember so this is all very new. It feels like we’ve spent 2 days here scratching to find a health risk factor to tick but I can’t say I’ve ever smoked or had an allergy or a worry. Even my blood group is A+ (Ha Ha). There are only 2 things that predispose me to ovarian cancer – my age and my gender.

Doug, yes get yourself checked out pronto – there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose as far as I can see! I’m looking forward to our next gig.

Carole – I think I need a picture of Lake Eacham here as a healing beautiful reminder of my friends and environment. Guy will have one so I’ll ask him in the morning when the Carpenters visit me 🙂

Please will someone give Ian a big hug from me, and Sheree too, as I’d like to keep in touch and feel frustrated by the lack of any internet connection between us.

Danni & Gary thanks for doing my Woodford gigs for me. I knew you would, and my feet are tapping here when I think of dancing with you.

Thanks again everyone for all the love and support flowing my way. xxx Alison

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