In hospital

dscn1571I arrived in Brisbane last night and checked in here at the Mater Mothers Hospital. It is very comfortable in a room on my own on the 9th floor with a huge window beside my bed. I have the most wonderful view of the top of a huge fig tree just outside! John, Evan, Helen and Janet are staying in a motel nearby.

So how did it come to this?

dsc04523For a while I seem to have been putting on weight around my middle and I assumed it was due to my good appetite coupled with insufficient exercise (my love of broadband!) Then, about 3 weeks ago at yoga, while touching my toes, I noticed that one ankle was swollen. My tummy was sticking out and starting to look as if I was pregnant.

At age 51, I was still assuming it was flabbiness, not pregnancy. I watched to see if my puffy ankle would go down, and when it didn’t I rang the doctor. My appointment was last Monday, a week ago. Dr Luthy said my uterus is enlarged and at my age it is most likely to be fibroids — nothing to worry about. She sent me to have an ultrasound scan and blood tests.

Due to our imminent travel plans I opted for a trip to Cairns for the scan, to get it ASAP. That was Thursday morning and afterwards I had breakfast at the beach followed by an enjoyable day in town selling cards. The technician hadn’t said a word about what we were seeing in the scan (but clearly it was no baby!) She advised me to wait for my doctor to see the scans and talk to me next day.

It was on Friday morning (3 days’ ago) that things started to happen very quickly. The first sign of trouble was before breakfast when the surgery rang to say Dr Luthy wants me to bring my partner along to my appointment (!!) When we saw her she said it was not fibroids but a 16cm diameter “mass” that appeared to be growing out of an ovary. It was probably pressing on my veins and causing the ankle swelling. I should immediately have an ultrasound scan of my leg vein to rule out DVT, then go for a CT scan of my torso to get more information about the mass. So I rushed around on Friday from one appointment to another and then went back down to Cairns for the CT. By this time the scan reports were being sent straight to the gynae oncologist in Brisbane and when I walked out of the medical centre in Cairns I received a call from the Mater to tell me they’re ready for me so get myself down there!! This was all in one day – a bit of a bombshell!

It was a hectic weekend changing our family’s plans over and over, canceling my Woodford performances and our Christmas bookings and all the other things planned with the extended family, packing up, battening down for cyclone season, talking, crying and wondering…

I must say I am feeling really well and I think I’m pretty fit. I’ve been preparing for my “aerobic folk dance” workshop by dancing in the garden at 6am for the last couple of weeks.

I am fortunate to have the most wonderful husband, son and daughter, sister, Mum and extended family and friends and I feel embraced by so much love! Thank you for your support everyone. It is really helping!

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