No popcorn please

I’ve just had the doctor’s assessment. This is what they said:

On 29th Dec I will be prepared for an operation. First they will drill in with a “telescope” to find out what I have got and how malignant it is, to tell them what to do next. There are 2 likely scenarios:

  1. they might find that the tumour looks easy enough to cut out immediately eg if it is reasonably self-contained. So I’ll have a hysterectomy with the works (keep cutting to remove all offending material). Chemo will follow after I’m sufficiently recovered from the op.
  2. they might find clumps of tumour are dotted around “like popcorn” making it too risky to operate because it would impossible to be sure they’ve got it all out, so they will back out and instead I will start chemo and eventually have the operation and also more chemo after that. Either way has the same success.

Today they will drain some fluid from my belly to make me more comfortable and give me an ECG & other checks for the anaesthetist team. It looks like I will be released from 23-28 Jan. It’s a busy day with continual examinations and tests in preparation for the 29th

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