2009 – 2010 Summary

Read the blow-by-blow account of how I was struck down with ovarian cancer just before Christmas in 2009, and what happened next. For 6 months I struggled with a misbehaving stoma after loss of some bowel and installation of an ileostomy. Stoma issues complicated my subsequent chemotherapy, and I was very glad when I completed the treatment and had my plumbing repaired!

Although still reeling from the shock, the second half of 2010 was a happy recovery time. Cancer diagnosis changed my life and those of my family forever, starting with ruining our summer holiday plans and leading to a period where we lived like gypsies moving from home on the Atherton Tablelands to various addresses in Brisbane.

Some key dates are as follows:

18 DEC 2009 – Ovarian cancer: Grade 3 Serous Papillary Adenocarcinoma involving both ovaries.
21 DEC 2009 – My first blog entry
29 DEC 2009 – hysterectomy, debulking of all visible tumour, partial resection of diaphragm, partial resection of bowel, ileostomy
FEB to JUN 2010 – chemotherapy (paclitaxel, cisplatin)
JUL-2010 – ileostomy reversal

Read all my posts from 2009 and 2010 starting here

In case you need a different format, my original blog posts from Caring Bridge in 2009 to 2010 are available as a pdf file here. Remember to read from the bottom up.
Here is a gallery of photos
and here is a collection of comments from my dear friends and family who followed my story at the time.
In the pdf journal I’m sorry there are some cross-referencing links that don’t work after transfer from the original site (Caring Bridge). Also there may be mention of photos that aren’t there. I RECOMMEND STAYING IN THE ALISPHERE AND READING THE POSTS WHICH MOSTLY HAVE BETTER PICTURES AND FORMATTING.

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